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Yes, We Fight Episode #1 Welcome To The Show

Yes, We Fight Episode #1 Welcome To The Show

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December 13, 20226 min read

Why Join Our Family Movement?

Because We Shouldn't Do It Alone!

A lot goes into nurturing a family, being a great spouse, advancing your careers while being a consistent part of your community and not going crazy. This is why we created the Healthier Family Movement, to:

  • support each other through the ups and downs of family life

  • learn to become more loving and caring parents

  • communicate our love to our spouses

  • be accountable to goals for yourself, marriage, and family

  • learn the tools and techniques to thrive physically, financially, and emotionally

  • learn to relinquish the shame of spending time on yourself

You Focus On Loving On Your Family

let us worry about Loving on You!

We know you wear many hats; Mom/Dad, Honey/Babe, Employee, Youth Cheauffeur, Family Entertainer and so many more! So let us love on you so you can be better at loving on them!

And by loving on you we mean...


Support and Provide Accountability


Self Heal and Nurture a Healthy Relationship with Yourself


Become the Loving and Supportive Spouse and Parent You've Always Desired


And Provide Your Family With The Tools and Techniques Necessary to Thrive Physically, Mentally, and even Financially


Restored My Marriage

My marriage was on the brink of failure when I knew I had to improve myself. In my learning about myself and holding myself accountable using my healthier family-family. I was able to be who I've always felt was trapped on the inside and my family has definitely benefited, especially my husband. Thanks MY Healthier Family

Julia M.

February 24, 2021

Conquered Healthy Meal Time

We have 5 children ranging from brand new to full fledge teenage jerks and dinner has always been hit or miss. We are concerned with our kids health and nutrition so they can thrive in their various activities and the future. Gerald and the Healthier Family Movement helped us create a plan to feed our children delicious and tasty meals

Megan and Joe G.

October 24, 2022

Built Confidence as a Single Father

Being a single father is hard and it's just nice to have a group of people who will support me during the tough times. It's all I've ever wanted

Roberto H.

February 28, 2020

We've create a quick course to help improve your own health inside out

So you can start being the engaging spouse and parent you've always wanted to be.

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